San Pedro

Okay so the other day I posted a line from a song, but didn't do justice to anyone, because most would be unfamiliar with the band DollyBraid who were from Denton but broke up back in 2002. So, here's the rest of the song, San Pedro...
I've walked a million miles in my dreams
We're searching for the same thing or so it seems
Void of mercy, life is pain
You'll find no peace until you understand the name
San Pedro
Children kneeling, praying for they don't know
Seeing is believing, have you seen your soul
Finding pieces scattered on the floor
Elders seeking what they thought they had before
San Pedro
I shall dwell in this prison until I find my home
Finding solstice in my princess as onward I roam
When I run my fingers through her hair
I close my eyes and she takes me there
San Pedro
A lonely woman walking streets all alone
Three men beat and take her on her way home
Now the wounds may heal and the scars may fade
But nothing less can heal her inner pain
San Pedro
If you ever get the chance to listen to their music... do. Or let me know because I have their CD... :)

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