Packers Mania

Last week my travels took me up to Green Bay, WI. I will have to say at first impression, I was well... not too impressed. I had imagined the home town of the Packers being much larger and grandiose. But, it grew on me very quickly! We were able to dine at many of the fine local establishments throughout the week. (read: FRIED CHEESE CURDS!!)
On Monday night, my boss Phil and I were able to attend the first Packers preseason game vs the Bengals. This was pretty much a once in a lifetime event so far. Let me just say wow. The fans... Lambeau field... the Packers... all of it... just incredible!!

the one and only Lambeau field

fat guy in front of Lambeau :)

only 17 rows up! Good view of #12 taking care of business...

(had to get one in front of the field)

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