Arrrr, ‘tis a dismal day indeed that I be missin’ such a thing as this. Dontcha know that today be ‘talk like a pirate day’. And a fine idear that be too. With a wee bit more pirate in the world, there would be a lot less bellyachin’ and carrin’ on about them peoples what causes ya pain. If they bugs ya, then they walk the plank. It be as simple as that. ‘Course ya must temper that with a fair bit ‘o keel haulin, just to be fair. And can ya even contemplate the way meetns’ would be run? “Look ya mangy dog, ya either complete them there functional specifications by time I counts to 5 or I’ll have ya sent to the deeps to spend some quality time with ol’ davey jones!”.It’s the pirates life for me – arrr.

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