on the road again & other updates

I've been stagnant for a while in my work travels (not necessarily bad either way), so I have a couple of trips coming up. Tomorrow (now that I look at the time, today...) I head off to AlbeQUAKIE New Mexico to do a technology trade show for a few days. I get back on Friday, at which time we'll load up and drive to Denton for the weekend. We're having a joint birthday party for Ava and Mackenzie who turn 3. We're also going to do a condensed R&R weekend on Saturday night at the Gaylord Texan with our good friends Will & Aprill. We normally do a whole weekend at a Bed and Breakfast, but this will have to do this year, and it will be nice :) We'll get to see my brother Chris and his wife as the fly in Sunday night to drive a uhaul truck full of stuff to California. That unfortunately means that yes, they are looking more permanent out there.

For those who are counting, Jillian is approaching her 33 week of the pregnancy. Which means time is drawing nigh on which we'll have a second child in this world! She's feeling fairly well, all things considered- as long as she takes it easy. We had another Dr's appointment today, and baby looks good! I ask for your prayers as we approach the change to baby #2, not only for the normal stuff, but that we've also been trying to figure out what to do. To make a long story short, she's getting a bit of a run-around with her new school district about taking an extended time off. So, just lift us up in prayer is all I'm sayin'


felkinsmom said...

You are all in our prayers! Be safe traveling! And tell Princess Ava Happy Birthday!

Julie T said...

We'll keep you in our prayers. That is so exciting the due date is right around the corner!