a year already?

So I really meant to post this about three weeks ago, but considering how it all played out originally anyway... I'm still good time-wise.

It all began when I received a new job offer and the desire for us to relocate to the Austin area. We prayerfully considered all of our options, and put our house on the market. Our entire married life (and a whole lot of my life in general) had been in Denton. We felt it was our time to move on, and to open some new chapters in our lives. Two days later we accepted an offer and began quickly looking for a new house. Then, on April 30th we closed on buying our house in Round Rock. I moved in shortly thereafter, and about a month later after finishing up the school year in Denton, Jillian & Ava joined me.

Moving is always an exhilarating/exciting/scary/annoying/bittersweet experience. From the minute our family got to the Austin area, we have felt welcomed, made some awesome friends, found an incredible church home, and feel that this is really where we're supposed to be. That's not to say there haven't been stressful moments or a couple of panic attacks, but it's been pretty awesome. We dearly miss our friends in Denton who we still keep in contact with (gotta love technology) and get to see on occasion. Jillian is days away from finishing a year at an amazing elementary campus where she is appreciated and feels part of the team. Ava has definitely hit her stride at a local Montessori school, and Tristan is beginning his experiences at a bilingual daycare. My job continues to go well and provides new experiences all the time. We are beginning to explore all the wonderful things that Austin and the Hill Country have to offer.

So from the bottom of our hearts to all who have made us feel welcome and that we've gotten to know... thank you! Here's to many more great years in the ATX!!


Anonymous said...

We are glad to have the Collins Family in the ATX!!

Luke said...

Glad you guys are here!

JessBless said...

We have been blessed for a year now by your arrival to Austin.

Julie T said...

We're glad you made your way to Austin!