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Since a lot of you had gotten bits and pieces of the story, I thought I'd go ahead and make a post about it since it is indeed the last day of school!
About two months ago, Jillian's school had been reviewing several options to alleviate overcrowding at their campus (an elementary with over 1,300 kids!) None were spectacular, but the staff and parents decided to make the recommendation to the school board that the 5th grade class meet at the middle school for the next year or so. Everyone assumed all was good, until the school board meeting. They went against the recommendation and decide that two large neighborhoods would be sent to separate schools instead. While it was frustrating for some, it meant a different story for Jillian. The school would have to surplus a unknown number of teachers, and since Jillian was hired last summer- that she most likely would end up somewhere else. The surplus works by making a pool of internal teachers that principals have to hire from before going outside. Meaning she could end up at any school teaching any grade. Or the possibility existed that enough teachers would retire/transfer/etc that she would be able to stay.
After much prayer and advice from friends/family, Jillian had determined she wanted to do anything possible to have the opportunity to stay at that campus. As I mentioned in a previous post, she's melded well with the other staff and administration. She has had a wonderful class this year and made friends that will last (here's to you the Phillips family!) So this meant she would just have to wait it out and see. In the mean time, a neighboring school's principal observed Jillian and was very impressed and wanted her to come to her campus. She worked out an arrangement where if she was surplussed she would go to that campus, but if not, she could stay at her current school.
Finally last week news came that another teacher from her school was moving up to middle school, and that made enough room for Jillian to be able to stay at her school! She was overwhelmed with joy, and the realization that worrying doesn't really help situations! She found out officially that she will indeed be staying with her 2nd grade team as well. She still has to pack up her room and move downstairs to be with the rest of the team... but that's way better than having to adjust to a new school next year.
So on behalf of those who counseled and prayed for Jillian through this time of uncertainty, our family really appreciates it.
And here's to the end of school!!

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Julie T said...

That is great news! What a relief. You all enjoy the start of summer.