headed to Wyoming

After I got home Friday night from Myrtle Beach, the evening was spent doing laundry and re-packing to head up to Wyoming the next day. My in-laws live in Laramie, Wyoming and we have always enjoyed taking a bit of time up there in the summer because of the nice weather. So we packed up the fam again, and this time had a much better trip through the airport thanks to no delays! We arrived in Denver, CO where my mother in law picked us up. We made the drive into Laramie and when Ava got out of the car proclaimed “it’s a cold winter day!” (it was 70 degrees outside). We spent the week hanging out and enjoying getting to be outdoors. As tradition with our first child, Jillian’s dad was proud to introduce Tristan to ice-cream. He made a face at first, and then ate as much of it as mommy would let him! I spent the mornings taking my father in laws mountain bike out for rides (almost 7,500ft elevation hurts FYI) and Jillian continued running to prepare for her first 5k. We went down to the Cheyenne Frontier Days on Tuesday night to catch some Professional Bull Riding action which was more entertaining than we expected. Jillian’s mom had also secured tickets to a concert later in the week at Frontier Days to see Kenny Chesney; which was an incredible show! One day Jillian & her mom went shopping, so the father in law and me took the kids to see some snow in July up in the mountains. Ava absolutely loved it! After the week was over, I had to get back to Texas to train some more customers, but we decided it would be fun for Jillian & the kids to stay up there another week and a half since I would be busy anyway.


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