Myrtle Beach, SC

Mid July started a crazy month of traveling for the Collins family. In the spring I learned that I would have to take a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC to train customers for a week. Since Jillian has been locked down with work & kiddos, I made the proposition that I fly her out and she join me for part of the week while my parents got some ‘quality grandparent time’ in with the kiddos. So we got everything setup, went up to Denton to drop off the kids and were on our way to South Carolina. Fortunately the flying was fairly uneventful (Jillian’s not a big fan of planes), and we made it into Myrtle Beach. We spent Sunday morning on the beach for our own spiritual relaxation together, and then Jillian joined me while we setup our training lab on Sunday afternoon. During the day on Monday and Tuesday when I was training customers, Jillian spent her time at the beach, shopping and reading… all things that are done much easier sans kids. One of our friends who shall remain nameless turned Jillian onto the Twilight series and she finished 2 of the 4. We went out with one of my co-workers for dinner, played some miniature golf, and listened to some live music at Margaritaville. Jillian left on Wednesday to go pick up the kids and go home and I returned Friday night to join them. Although most of my time was spent working it was great to be able to get Jillian some alone time to relax… mommies need that more than daddies realize sometimes.

my beautiful bride

'self photography' at the beach

enjoying Myrtle Beach