blessed weekend

Ahhh and whew...
Those are the two words I can describe this weekend with.
First the ahhh... For those of you who have been keeping up with our story, the girls and I have been living in separate cities for a little over a month now. Well, that's over and Jillian and Ava are here at our new house with me now in Round Rock!! Woohoo!
Now the whew... My parents made the final drive down with her while I was flying back from the week in Bakersfield CA. They brought her classroom stuff in my dad's truck, which we promptly unloaded, filling the garage once again.
On Saturday my dad and I spent the (whole) day putting together a Swingset/Fort/Slide/Tower/Princess outdoor contraption thingy (thanks to the funding of gama and papa). Ava LOVES it. (see pics below) We then hung lots of things on the walls per my wife's instructions, got some awesome snowcones and crashed.
Sunday we all went to worship at Westover Hills and got to introduce my folks to a few people. We made it back home, the TV installers were there to hang our new plasma TV (love it), I cut the grass, Jillian planted a few flowers, and Ava enjoyed her swingset...
All in all, quite a blessed weekend.

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cbj said...

Boy, that looks very similar to our weekend. Same stuff different city. Princess MK was also enjoying her very same play thingy that finally was completed! Glad you are all together again, but I would be lying if I said I didn't have the blues this weekend.