'good' tube

So, as a computer professional (and now working for a content filtering software company), I have many a mixed emotions when it comes to sites like myspace, youtube, etc. There is an extreme amount of prevalent filth contained on these sites. So much so, I recommend most people (especially kids and teens w/out supervision) don't be allowed on the sites. (I digress, more soap box on that later)
The problem I face, is that from time to time there is REALLY good content published on them. So here are a couple of links on youtube I discovered this week.

The first is called 'cardboard testimonials,' I think it's pretty self-explanatory, and quite emotional.

The second is a tribute that was played for Tim Spivey (outgoing pulpit minister at the Highland Oaks church in Dallas). Tim's a great guy and powerful spiritual leader, I don't know all the conditions of why he's leaving, but I chalk this one up to one of the many dark and painful sides of working in the ministry. I think it's sad that a growing church would allow (or force) such wonderful & talented servants like Tim to leave...

I decided to put the link for this one up again. I've seen this one quite a few times; if you haven't it's worth watching. If you have, it's worth watching again. The first time I saw it I laughed a bit at the beginning, I figured it was going to be silly... Then I cried. Yeah, what a man, I couldn't help it. It's a drama of the song 'Everything' by Lifehouse...

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