brownies | playing in the water | & just good times

Overall we had a pretty fun week here at the Collins house. It was nice having all of us here together. Ava spent a lot of time outside on her new swingset. One night I needed to water the trees a bit, and she decided to strip down to her diaper and run through the water hose! The girls met some new friends from church at Central Market for a playdate and had a lot of fun. Ava also helped Jillian make some brownies one night, which were delicious!! We also visited a couple of potential preschools, which were nice, but are making us reconsider our plan. We ask for prayers as we decide what next step will be best for our family and kids... :) I'm flying out to Paradise TX to train some customers, but it sounds like Jillian and Ava have a fun week of swimming, the library and playing with friends planned.
Enjoy the pics below...

helping mommy make brownies :)

playing with the water hose

trying to hide from the water

running through the water hose

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