day one updates

Today was a pretty good day, a fair amount of nurses shuffling about getting tests done, etc.
Tristan got to meet his other Grandpa, Owen Phillips today who made it in. He also spent the rest of the day off and on with the other grandparents and big sister Ava.
Our children's ministers from church, Adam and Denise, came by to meet him which was lots of fun. Adam prayed over Tristan and the family before leaving which was awesome.

The plan is for us to go home tomorrow, probably around mid-day. Tonight Tristan gets a few more tests done, including one for jaundice. We pray it goes well, as he started to look a little yellowish this evening. So far he is doing very well with nursing (much better than Ava was), Jillian should get her full milk in pretty soon, which will please him very much!
Tomorrow morning he'll be circumcised, then we'll go through the rest of the check out procedures before we leave. We ask for continued prayers for this procedure tomorrow, and for the start of our transition home.

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Julie T said...

I'm so happy to hear that everything is going well for you all. What a sweet baby! We can't wait to meet Tristan.