the waiting game

Yesterday we went to the Doctor's office for Jillian's 37 week appointment and sonogram. Baby #2 is looking very healthy and was weighing in at 6lbs 15oz yesterday.
The doctor would *like* Jillian to make it another week, but will not stop labor if she happens to enter into it any day. Swelling, blood pressure, etc on the other hand was of concern, so she is now staying at home, not working!
So now we play the waiting game. Contractions are still around (had some real ones last Saturday), and she's dilated to 2 cm.

So we appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we begin to anticipate the arrival of #2!!

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Heather Marziale said...

How did the Dr. check the weight of the baby? I've been wondering how big my little one is....

I wish you both the best of luck with baby #2. Do you have a name picked out yet? I bet Ava will be a great big sis!