first 24 hours home

Tristan has had a good and somewhat eventful first day at home. He is feeding very well (if you ask at night, Jillian might say TOO well). He definitely prefers to be held rather than being laid in his crib.
Last night my brother Terry's girlfriend Brandi and her daughter came by to drop off a really nice blanket for Tristan. Holly (her daughter) and Ava have been fast friends and it was good for Ava to have a friend over for a little while.
We spent the day doing various things such as having the first bath at home (those pictures will be in another post). I also went and sold my Mustang. It has given me 7 great years of service, but it's way to difficult to load kiddos in the back. So some might say I'm now officially an old man, the Mustang is gone.
Our good friends the Johnston's came over tonight and brought some wonderful tortilla soup, and their kids got to play with Ava while Niki had her some baby time.

the little man chillin'

Niki's baby time

Ava and Holly playing with all the dolls

Brandi's baby time

The super cute blanket from Brandi

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Anonymous said...

Cute! Our turn next. Well, when you are ready anyway :)