adopted bunny

Since we moved into the house last year, we've seen bunnies and other critters off and on perusing through our yard. Lately however there has been one particular bunny that has hung around a lot more, and after watching it I'm pretty sure has taken residence under our shed. This has caused some excitement because it's a fairly friendly little feller. Last night I told Ava we need to give our 'new' bunny a name. So, I'm presenting... Sally the bunny... Ava's adopted friend. Good thing there's plenty of grass, and daddy put out a water dish :)


Stacey Guyse said...

Sally the bunny will have to pick up her toys too. No exception for furry friends.
And no worries...I'm officially KidSafe now. Not bunny safe though.

Julie T said...

You are lucky that your backyard pet is a sweet bunny. We have mean armadillos that keep digging up our yard. Not to mention the skunk that sprayed our dogs last summer!

Anonymous said...

Halle says, "Aaaaawwwwww!"