play dates?!

Ahh play dates... what a wonderful concept! Ava has gotten to spend a lot of time lately with her friend Cooper. The two play together amazingly well especially considering that their personality types are VERY similar, and on several occasions we've mentioned that they're the same person! Anyhow, there have been a couple of incidents lately where they were playing a game called "pants to pants." While I won't go into all the detail, let's just say it involves the removing of aforementioned article of clothing. So as I ponder putting pictures up of them playing and the title of the post... I wonder when we stop calling it "play dates?" Anyway, enjoy the pictures of these kiddos...

Ava & Cooper playing in the sand table

Enjoying a popcorn snack outside

Ava & Cooper checking out the neighbors through the fence!

McKenna, Ava & Cooper. Triple trouble!


Kristy Collins said...

Unfortunately, I remember playing that game when I was her age. Yikes!

Jill said...

uh-oh! btw, i love ava's blue shirt and matching skirt...too cute!