easter pics & family updates

So yeah, I know easter was like two weeks ago, but I needed to post a couple of pics from it anyway. Life in the Collins house slowly gets busier and busier. I have been traveling way more than anticipated lately which has made things a little harder on the home front. The weather is getting nicer and nicer in Austin, and we're venturing outdoors more. I have taken it upon myself to get in a different shape than I currently am :) by riding my bicycle a lot more. It's working... slowly, but not near as fast as Jillian is loosing weight!
Anyhow, my parents came in for part of easter weekend and we had a great time shopping for some flowers, which Ava helped to plant, and just relaxing. Easter Sunday was a beautiful day, and Ava was very excited to see what the easter bunny left...

Ava checking her easter loot

my beautiful girls

the kiddos and I before going to worship

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